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Some of this years best trends in injectables... and some of the worst

With so many lists of motivational quotes and even books devoted entirely to them, some people question why there's a need for a random motivational quote generator.

While there are actually a number of ways it can be useful, the main one is that it's a different way to digest the information than those other methods. The long lists of inspirational quotes can quickly get overwhelming. With this free quote generator, you get to pick the exact number of motivational quotes you want to see each time. By avoiding the long lists, you have a better chance to digest and retain the encouraging quotes you see. It simply is an alternative way to read the quotes so you can hopefully find more of them that motivate and encourage you each day. If you're not sure if this free tool would benefit you, a good way to decide is to read a few of the ways it's commonly used by others.

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